Paramedic Exam Review 

         This two-day course will:

  • Help to prepare you to pass the National Registry Paramedic Exam.

  • Help to identify your topic areas of strength and weakness.

  • Help you master study preparation and test-taking techniques specific to the National Registry computer adaptive test.

  • Provide you with comprehensive take home Study Guide written by Dr.Bowers which incorporates the National Education Standards.

  • Review many practice exam-type questions.

  • Provide on-line access to Paramedic Review Plus from LC Ready.

  • $150 per person


fl emt patch.png


EMT Exam Review

        This one-day course will: 

  •  Prepare you to successfully complete the National Registry EMT exam. 

  •  Identify your topic areas of strength and weakness. 

  • Help you master specific study preparation and test-taking techniques. 

  •  Provide a comprehensive take home Study Guide written by Dr. Bowers. 

  • Review many exam questions throughout the day. 

  •  Provide you with a take-home on-line code to EMT Review Plus from Limmer Creative. You will have unlimited internet access to over 1100 practice test questions. 

  • $100 per person