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Fire Science Program

Treasure Coast Medical Institute offers a Fire Science Program that provides students the advanced training courses needed for them to achieve their State of Florida Fire Officer I Certification and the State of Florida Fire Instructor I Certification.  Treasure Coast Medical Institute offers online review classes to students to help prepare for their State of Florida Fire Officer I examination, as well as their State of Florida Fire Instructor I, II, & III examination.


Treasure Coast Medical Institute will soon be offering the Fire Officer II series and the Fire Officer II exam review, the Fire Safety Inspector I series and exam review, the Safety Officer series, as well as other fire-related classes for individuals to help develop their hands-on skills and knowledge base in the fire rescue field.


All classes can be found in the class schedule drop-down menu from above as they become available.

For more information, contact Rob Pedreira

Below is a flow chart showing the neccessaey classes needed for each state certification.

Please note that the underlined/hyperlinked classes within the chart are the courses we offer.

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