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Paramedic Tutoring (1-on-1)

Appointment Description

(Available for current TCMI students only.) During our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, our experienced instructors will work with you to review material and practice scenarios to help you excel in your studies. *Students are not guaranteed an appointment time. All appointments are subject to tutor availability. *Students are limited to ONE appointment per day. *Tutoring must be conducted during non-class times. Tutoring is not a substitute for class/lab attendance. *Read the chapters on your own BEFORE the session. *Come to your tutoring sessions prepared. Bring your textbooks, class notes, paper, pencil, and a highlighter.

Cancellation Policy

Please be respectful of our instructors' time. To cancel or reschedule, please contact the school at least 24 hours in advance. If you are a no-call no-show, you will not allowed to attend our tutoring sessions in the future.

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