Florida Paramedic Refresher-$200

  •  (This course may not be used to fulfill the NREMT refresher requirement.)​

  • This course is 30 hr. State of Florida approved refresher which may be used for Florida Paramedic biennial recertification. It incorporates the National EMS Education Standards. It also includes over 2 hours of pediatric topics. 

  • There are 11 PowerPoints with embedded links for videos to view and articles to read. This course has 27 hrs of our content with 2 hrs of JB learning content. The student will be given the choice of 10 of the "live courses". The choices will be provided in the syllabus once purchased.

  • There will be a 50 question multiple choice test that the student has to pass with an 80 or higher. It can be taken more than once. 

  • A certificate from Treasure Coast Medical Institute will be issued when the student completes all of the assignments and passes the test.