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Fire Officer I Courses

FFP 2120 Building Construction for the Fire Service 


This course will provide the student with a basic understanding of building design and construction methods and materials, which will aid in decision making processes related to fire prevention and fire control. Students will gain an understanding of construction principles and practices related to fire loads and behavior to make more effective, safer, and timely decisions to protect people and property from potential and actual fires. 

This course is required for certification for Fire Officer I and Firesafety Inspector I

Prerequisite(s): None

FFP 2720 Company Officer 


This course is designed to help instruct and teach the student the roles and responsibilities of a company officer. This course will enhance the student’s abilities through various areas of knowledge as well as solving the varied problems and situations they will be required to manage effectively in today’s ever-changing fire service. The curriculum includes a review of fire department organization and administration, management theory, leadership, communications, motivation, and group dynamics. 

This course is required for certification for Fire Officer I 

Prerequisite(s): None


FFP 1740 Fire Service Course Delivery


The curriculum draws from many recognized authorities in exploring the methods and mechanics of imparting information and adult learning principles. The course emphasizes techniques in a wide variety of teaching situations, as well as devices for specific training areas. The course will also stress the importance of measuring teaching effectiveness, and the use of media and visual aids. 

This course is required for certification for Fire Officer I and Fire Instructor I

Prerequisite(s): None

FFP 1810 Firefighter Tactics and Strategies I 


This course will provide students with a basic understanding of factors involved in coping with a fire emergency and determining the best use of available resources in protecting lives and property. The course emphasizes the changing nature of an emergency and the ways in which the fire officer can evaluate the effectiveness of their proposed incident action plan. 

This course is required for certification for Fire Officer I

Prerequisite(s): NFA IS700 must be completed prior to attending the course.  It can be taken online through FEMA/EMI.



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